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About Momentum

In 2003, the “Momentum” chocolate and gift shop first opened its doors in Jerusalem’s Geulah neighborhood. An innovation at the time, Momentum offered its customers a number of options: loose chocolate pralines sold by weight, chocolate ballotins, chocolate packs, chocolate platforms, gifts, or our customers’ most popular choice: a classy and elegant chocolate and gift arrangement.
Within a remarkably short period of time, the upscale boutique became famed for its delectable, authentic Belgian-imported chocolate pralines. People quickly realized that their chocolates weren’t just another faux imitation; they were the real thing.

The Birth Of Hauser Of Belgium

Very soon, Momentum found itself hard put to keep up the ongoing demand for fresh shipments of chocolate pralines straight off the boat from Belgium. The solution? To create their own chocolate company.
By 2004, Hauser Chocolates of Belgium was born. Since then, the winning combination of Belgian top-quality chalav Yisrael (dairy) and pareve (non-dairy) chocolates and the most uncompromising kashrus supervision has brought Hauser Chocolates of Belgium to unprecedented levels of excellence in the kosher chocolate market.
Today, the family-owned, family-run Hauser Chocolates of Belgium ships its world-class chocolates and pralines to wholesalers worldwide.

Hauser Of Belgium Chocolates

Since chocolate made its debut in Belgium, it was considered the perfect gift.
In 1912, the Belgian confectionary created the praline, a filled, bite-size chocolate that perfectly suited its gift vocation. Ever since, Belgian manufacturers have expended endless time and energy in perfecting their creations, resulting in the supremely exquisite confections we know and love today.
True to the tradition of the finest Belgian chocolate houses, Hauser of Belgium takes care to select the best cocoa and the finest ingredients in order to produce the Belgian chocolate and praline, filling.
All Hauser chocolates contain an absolute minimum of 50 percent cocoa powder made from the highest quality cocoa beans. Passionate about their commitment to excellence, they ensure that every chocolate and praline that leaves the Hauser of Belgium factory meets the demanding and delicious standards you have come to expect from Hauser of Belgium.


Hauser of Belgium takes special care to ensure that the highest standards of kashrus (kashrut) in the production of its chocolates is observed. Working closely with mashgichim (kashrut supervisors) and faithfully abiding by the strict rules of the Machzikei Hadass orthodox community leadership, it has earned itself the stamp of kashrus approval of the trusted and respected Machzikei Hadass, Antwerp kashrus certification board.
All wines, liqueurs, and other food items sold in the Momentum chocolate and gift store have mehadrin kosher certification.

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