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How does chocolate get from the tree to the chocolate factory? Cacao trees usually get their start in a nursery bed where seeds from high yielding trees are planted in fiber baskets or plastic bags. The seedlings grow so fast that in a few months they are ready for transplanting. Cocoa beans are the product of the cacao tree. The cacao tree is strictly a tropical plant thriving only in hot, rainy

That's obvious, I hear you say. Chocolates: The taste. No further explanation necessary. But we'll offer it anyway. The velvety texture. The luxurious, silky feel of the flavor on your tongue. And there's a scientific reason too. Chocolate has an endorphin-releasing chemical. Endorphin is also called the "feel good" chemical or the "happy hormone." It's the same chemical that's released when doing exercise. Does that mean I can eat chocolate instead of exercising? Well, actually,

As a shop that mainly does customized gift and chocolate arrangements, the products shown on our site are merely suggestions. If you want us to change/add/remove something, we're always happy to comply. Some past requests include: Can you put pareve chocolates instead of milchig? Sure Can you deliver between 5 and 7 pm? We can try The person I'm sending this gift to loves the hazlenut praline.  Can you set up an

I'd like to send fresh flowers for Shavuos, to show someone in Israel that I care. But where?And oh - on Shavuos we have a custom to eat dairy, so I'd like to send something dairy too. But how?I'd like to send it with a gift that lasts, something that won't be discarded right after Yom Tov. But what?I don't live in Israel, so I need a store in which

Last time we posted, we told you about the new kashrut supervision we've qualified for - the Jerusalem Eidah Chareidit. And we promised you more groundbreaking news, remember? Well, here it is: We're moving!! Yup, but not too far - right across the street. After over a decade of servicing our customers from a tiny little store, we're moving to bigger, better, brighter premises. That famous Momentum chocolate and gift boutique at Yaakov